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The Dennis Doll Team & Tina The Termite: Go Green

Hello!  I'm Tina the Termite. ...the Green Termite! Running around the walls of your house we see all that is going on it there. Boy! some of you are really wasting energy and creating a real drain on the environment. Some of you are even still using really bad stuff to try to kill us termites off! You know there are environmentally friendly ways of doing that ...and we don't even mind. After all God put us here to clean up the mess trees leave around...and we do it environmentally friendly!  Stay in touch to see and hear more about "living green". See you real soon!

Green Energy

Inside and out your home can be greener. For instance, if you are getting ready to buy new kitchen appliances, why not consider more efficient models. Although priced a little higher than standard models, you may see savings that pay for the difference in just a few years ...or less! Even if you are only upgrading for the sale of your home, spending a little more can reap greater rewards through additional value or a quicker sale. I suggest you talk with Dennis Doll - "Your Agent of Tomorrow...Today" , about the best enhancements to do in preparation for that sale.

Earth Day 2013

Green Living

There are many sources for checking out "Green" Building products but I suggest you start with the Federal Government Sites.

These are consumer friendly and you can feel a little more assured of the data. Since they give information in a non-commercial way.

There are some other great sites though, like the Green Guide from National Geographic . On this site you can select items for both

inside an outside your home. they also have a good Energy Quiz you can take.

Green Tunnel

from Kevin Gallagher

Green Tunnel- A six month journey along the 2,200 mile long Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail begins in Georgia at Springer Mountain and leaves the Peach State 79 miles later at Bly Gap. The rugged, often rocky terrain reaches a height of more than 4400 feet and never dips below 2500 feet. The high point of the trail is at Blood Mountain (4,461 ft.) while the low point is Dicks Creek Gap (2,675 ft.) Access to the beginning of the Appalachian Trail is by foot from Amicalola Falls State Park.

Green Homes

There are countless other sites available that discuss such issues as water conservation and what you can do. To get more

specific about the simple things you can do right now ...on a budget, visit places like Light Bulb to find out what you can save

just by changing out a light bulb. Or if you are in the remodeling mode, try one of these: Doors & Windows , Heating and Cooling ,

Water Heating , Appliances, Flooring.

Green Learning

Students at schools around the country are working on Green Initiatives. For example, Mrs. Green's "Go Green" 7th Grade Class at  Lexington Middle School - Lexington, Nebraska  They not only study "Go Green" but also suggest links to websites that specialize in Green Products and Property Upgrades. Like "Going Green: Eco-Friendly Property Upgrades"

Escape to North Georgia!

Ready for a Green Change? Like a Mountain Top Cabin? We can help you find a get-away near the Appalachian Trail; Helen; Hiawassee; Lakemont or Blairsville, and anywhere in-between. The Dennis Doll Team is here for you!

The Dennis Doll Team