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How to Embed a Video In 3 Easy Steps

Beginning Is Half Done!

Building a new webpage? Changing a current page? Adding Video is very easy. The biggest obstacle to embedding video is beginning. So Here We Go!


The first step to adding a video to your site is to go to either or There you can select from videos you have uploaded or from a myriad of videos available. Usually you will want to go to the BHGRE section in your search.

For this section, I typed in "BHGRE Listing Video" and did a search. I checked out several and chose this one.


In fact YouTube even has a video showing how to embed a video on your website. But actually adding one,  is much easier than watching the video.

Once you find the video you want; just below it you will see a "SHARE" button. Click on the "SHARE" button. A new window will open giving you the option to "EMBED" or "EMAIL". Click on "EMBED". Another new screen will open with the URL for the video you have selected. Right Click and Copy the URL.


After you have copied the Video URL. Go to the web page being edited. Click on "ADD/REMOVE  WIDGETS".  A new screen will open. At the bottom of that screen you will find "VIDEO"  Drag that widget to the screen on the left and then close out of that window.

Once that is completed you will be taken back to the main screen. At that point, hovering over the "VIDEO"  area that you just embedded, click on "EDIT VIDEO". At that point a new screen will open, highlight the URL and then click "PASTE".

Once you click "SAVE CHANGES" your video will now be in place!


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