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Established April 22,1970
Friday - April 22, 2016


Earth Day is a time for people to participate in doing something special in protecting the environment. This can be world-wide or a single action in your own home. Conserving or cleaning seems to be the most popular event, but little things we do can mean a lot in the grand scheme of things.

Like having a Garage Sale to recycle items you don't use anymore.

Simple Changes

If every household in America replaced one 60watt Incandescent bulb

with an equivalent Compact Fluorescent. It would equal taking 1.5 million cars off the road.


Convert to Energy Star Appliances

There are nearly 20 million refrigerators in the United States made before 1996. By properly recycling your old refrigerator and replacing it with a new ENERGY STAR certified refrigerator, you can save from $200 - $1,100 on energy costs over its lifetime. Use theENERGY STAR Savings Calculator to find out exactly how much money you'll save by replacing your existing refrigerator.

Buy Green Energy

Help improve the environment without leaving the house. Now it is easier than ever to support environmentally friendly energy generation from sources like the wind or sun. Learn more about Georgia Power's Green Energy Program and join a growing community of Georgians who support our environment and help generate more renewable power in Georgia.

Do Your Part

The History of Earth Day

Dennis Doll, ...The Agent of Tomorrow...Today!

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